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1. Law

Data base for Federal and Regional Acts and case law: Federal Information System for Law (RIS) www.ris.bka.gv.at
Federal Law Gazette ris1.bka.gv.at / authentic / index.aspx
Legal data base liable to pay costs: RDB www.rdb.at
Juridical News: RA Media www.ra-media.at

2. Institutions

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) www.wko.at
Parlament www.parlinkom.gv.at
Austrian Central Bank www.oenb.at
Vienna Stock Exchange www.wiener-boerse.at
National Social Insurance Institution www.sozialversicherung.at
Federal Bar Association www.oerak.at
Vienna Bar Association www.rakwien.at
Austrian Ombudsman www.volksanw.gv.at

3. Courts, Authorities

Help guide through Austrian Authorities www.help.gv.at
Edict files www.edikte.justiz.gv.at
Data Protection Commission www.dsk.gv.at
Federal Authority for Competition www.bwb.gv.at
Ministry for Foreign Affairs www.bmaa.gv.at
Ministry for Economics and Employment www.bmwa.gv.at
Ministry for Justice www.bmj.gv.at
Ministry of Finance www.bmf.gv.at
Financial Market Authority www.fma.gv.at
Court of Audit www.rechnungshof.gv.at
Patent Office www.patentamt.at
Takeover Commission www.takeover.at
Supreme Court www.ogh.gv.at
Administrative Court www.vwgh.gv.at
Constitutional Court www.vfgh.gv.at

4. Newspapaers, Magazines, Online-News

Die Presse www.diepresse.at
Der Standard www.derstandard.at
Salzburger Nachrichten www.salzburg.com
Wiener Zeitung www.wienerzeitung.at
Wirtschaftsblatt www.wirtschaftsblatt.at
Profil www.profil.at
Gewinn www.gewinn.com

5. Law Publishers

Lexis Nexis www.lexisnexis.at
Linde www.lindeverlag.at
Manz www.manz.at
Verlag Österreich www.jusline.at / verlagoesterreich

6. General Information and useful Tools

Interest rates and Currency Exchange rates www.oenb.at / de / stat_melders / datenangebot / zinssaetze / zinssaetze_und_wechselkurse.jsp
Translators admitted at Law Courts www.gerichtsdolmetscher.at / scripts / index.asp
Austrian telephone directory www.herold.at
Austrian National Railways (ÖBB) www.oebb.at
Austrian Airlines www.aua.com
Vienna Airport www.viennaairport.com
City map of Vienna www.wien.gv.at / stadtplan
Weather in Austria wetter.orf.at / oes
Translations (dictionary) dict.leo.org
Pons Dictionary www.pons.de
Austrian National Library www.onb.ac.at
Public transport network in the Austrian east region www.vor.at

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