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Juridical Work

Dr. Alexander Lindner feels comitted to provide his clients with highest quality and professionalism at work. He focuses on delivering feasible methods of resolution. Dr. Lindner aims to work out, together with the clients, the best result in order to solve their legal problems; he understands himself as his clients' partner.


The personal care and advice of his clients is a feature of Dr. Lindner's work. In order to be able to supply his clients with personalised and creative solutions, Dr. Lindner tries to achieve – from the beginning of his intervention – a profound understanding of his clients and their legal and economic interests.


The personal care of his clients and the effort for an integral understanding of their problems entail an ongoing communication with the clients. Prompt responses can be guaranteed by means of an unbureaucratic and results-oriented working method. The written communication with the client is clearly structured and presented comprehensibly.


Internationalism is not just a slogan, but it exists, as well as multiculturalism, in the daily business at the office.


Together with the client Dr. Lindner aims to find the adequate manner of remuneration. In practice, especially in the event of commercial counselling and drafting of contracts, agreements of time based fees turned out to be satisfactory. Dr. Lindner informs his clients in case of a time based fee regularly about how many working hours has been spent in his/her matter.

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